Gnṓthi seautón

Know Thyself

This is an ancient wisdom, known from the inscription on the temple of Apollo in Delphi.

Know thyself – it sounds so simple, and is yet so difficult sometimes.
However, knowing yourself is the most powerful way for everyone
to develop his own potential and to improve his life sustainably – in every respect!

My coaching supports and guides you on this path of personal change.

I am the catalyst
that makes your
potential shine.

I am like a chess friend
who challenges your
strategic position.

Thomas Kapp

The somewhat different Coach

„You are always dealing with people!“ – That was my credo as a business lawyer. In this profession I have gained a wide range of experience in dealing with people and strategic consulting for a long time. Today, I bring these learnings into my coaching practice to help people develop their potential and find and effectively implement new professional and private perspectives.

The greatest danger for us is not to set goals being too high
and then not achieve them, but to set goals being to small and achieve them.
(Karl Pilsl)



Dr. Thomas Kapp

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