Strategic Sparring

What is Strategic Sparring?

  • looking at things critically ,
  • inquiring, questioning and thinking outside the box,
  • changing perspectives or bringing new ones into play,
  • sorting out confusing situations,
  • bringing in experience,
  • testing strategies for their robustness,
  • checking existing and discovering previously undiscovered options for action,
  • provocatively taking on the arguments of the „other side“ („advocatus diaboli“),
  • and much more

My Strategic Sparring helps you to 

  • find exchange and advice from an independent coach,
  • critically challenge your planned strategies,
  • check existing options for action for their robustness,
  • get to know the argumentation of the „other side“ better („advocatus diaboli“),
  • adopt new perspectives,
  • make sustainable decisions for yourself or your company,
  • untangle unclear situations and to keep a clear head,
  • recognize obstacles on your way at an early stage,
  • find new allies or turn opponents into allies.

You can’t solve a problem with the same mind patterns that caused its creation.
(Albert Einstein)

Strategic Sparring is ideal in situations where uncertainties have arisen for you in business or you have doubts about how to proceed. No matter whether a CEO is facing a change of strategy, a restructuring is ahead of you, a minority shareholder of a medium-sized company is looking for allies or a company wants to renew its corporate values, it is always about strategic questions and mostly about goals, visions and values.

If you feel the need to get some distance and want to exchange ideas with or seek the advice of an independent third party, my Strategic Sparring can support you.

Strategic Sparring is different from Coaching. Coaching supports you in discovering and developing your potential. We develop something new where there was nothing or something different before. Coaching works with your mind and heart, but is a soft, often emotional and very personal process.

Strategic Sparring assumes that you already have an idea or plan for a goal or strategy. Unlike Coaching, Strategic Sparring is a more rational, sober and often very fast process, an intellectual struggle to find the best way forward. Strategic Sparring is foremost strategic thinking. Sincere analysis of the situation, correct decision-making and goal-oriented moves – these are the core elements of every successful strategy! Just like in a chess game!

Whatever you do, act wisely and consider the end!
(Gesta Romanorum)

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