As a Co-Active Coach I assume that in every human being his whole potential is already present and only needs to be discovered and developed. I therefore see any person in his or her entire personality, which also means his or her strengths and weaknesses.  No person is „deficient“ − as some personality developers assume − but is merely on his or her personal „development journey“. Coaching should support this process.

In coaching, values, feelings and emotions often play a much more important role than purely rational thoughts. Therefore, Coaching never sees anything „right“ or „wrong“. Coaching will always strive to combine logic and emotion, reason and feeling, and insight and action..

I base my Coaching on a basic mental structure of four stages:

Stage 1:  Description of the status quo – where are you now, what are your dreams, what are your strengths?

Stage 2:  Determination of your goals – Where do you want to go?

Stage 3:  Determination of your strategy – Which way do you want to go?

Stage 4:  Implementation of your strategy – What are you going to do now?

All issues in coaching can be attributed to one of these 4 stages. This gives the coaching orientation and focus. However, these four stages do not represent a mandatory agenda to be worked through. Rather they serve the effectiveness of the coaching and are intended to avoid time-consuming detours, „secondary battlefields“ and „wrong tracks“.

Strategic Sparring

While my Coaching supports you to develop and build something, Strategic Sparring tends to be the opposite – subjecting something existing to an „acid test“ and challenging it. My Strategic Sparring picks you up where you are and starts at the point where you are „stuck“, where you still have doubts or where you are not yet able to see clearly how to proceed despite expert advice. I usually come into play as a sparring partner when you have already made some preliminary considerations and it is now a matter of playing through previously known alternatives, examining new options and, above all, creating clarity of thinking.

My practical experience as a business lawyer will also come into play when making strategic decisions. As a lawyer, I have learned to listen, to analyze facts, to get to the core of complex issues quickly, and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a position. Also, psychological and tactical aspects play a major role in Strategic Sparring. I consider it an advantage that I am not an expert in your industry. This allows me to approach your topics independently, completely unbiased and without blinders. It also allows me to identify „blind spots“ that people already involved, both inside and outside the company, do not see.

He who knows the goal can decide, he who decides can find peace,
he who finds peace is sure, he who is sure can reflect, he who reflects can improve.

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